Pay Now, Live later

I get asked a lot about Crossfit. I have no problem sharing my passion for the program and talking about why it’s so great for everyone. Then comes the question about money. How much does it cost? I really want to say, “It costs you your life.” I know that probably wouldn’t go over well, but it’s true.

I’ve talked to a lot of people about fitness and nutrition and something NEVER changes from conversation to conversation, most people want the quick (cheap) fix. They want the $5 walk in the park or the $25 a month LA Fitness membership. Ok, fine. But are you DOING it? I only know of about 2 people who do fitness on the cheap (meaning at home, in the garage or in the park) and actually have a program they are committed to. But even then, there are classes or books, which are not cheap at all. It’s NEVER free.

I noticed a new fitness business in my city and it looks pretty simple. They meet in the park and you bring your mat. No fancy equipment or buildings, but they are still charging $150 a month. Why? Fitness is not just about offering a space or a dumbbell.

Fitness is offering a community and results because it offers something people WANT to keep doing. If your program is offering you results, by all means keep doing it. If your program consists of a mile run every 3 weeks. I can guarantee the only results you are getting is 3 days of soreness after that run.

What about medications? Americans spent $12.7 billion on diabetes medications in 2007 and that was doubled from 2001. Mid range blood pressure pills cost about $40 per month, then figure in the cost of heart disease brought on by high blood pressure or other illnesses related to it. If we are merely attaching a price tag to our health, we need to be thinking a lot harder about what we are sacrificing. Eventually it’s not just monetary. Sure, there are doctor bills, caregivers, insurance costs but what happens if you end up hospitalized, debilitated or even dead? Family and friends left to give round the clock care or mourn us. That’s a cost I’m not willing to pay.

I know that my only guarantee in life is for today. I have no idea what tomorrow brings or if I’ll even be there to see if. I do know that today, I’m going to do whatever I can to make tomorrow the best day yet.

I’m gonna pay now in order to live later. How about you?

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2 Responses to “Pay Now, Live later”

  1. April says:

    I’ve noticed fitness becoming just a money maker everywhere. People are so wanting that quick fix and think that just because someone is fit they are a trainer. There are WAY too many people “training” these days just to make a buck.

  2. jenn says:

    Good post! I think I know one of those weirdo garage people. ;-)

    You’re right even my garage was an investment and the knowledge to use it properly was even more.

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