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Meal of the Day

I wanted to post this dinner I made because I heard the kids loved it. What’s that you say? Yes, children loved something that had meat that wasn’t in fun DINOSAUR! shapes with veggies and had no added preservative crap or flavorings. Real food, my friends. It IS possible. I didn’t post this yesterday because […]

The Menu

I’m working slowly on getting my new blog up and I’ve got a few cool things to share when I do, but for now, this. I was introduced to a blog called Foodee. I will be making a few of the recipes referenced here this week. Our school has a camput so those days the […]

Back to School

My schedule runneth over. Seriously. My blogging is lacking due to an amazingly full life. Pretty much every day starts before 5am and often ends (the work part) around 5pm. I love it. I’m exhausted but it’s all good. The only thing I’m a little frustrated about is fitting in MY workouts. The classes I […]

Mile run, etc.

Hang Squat Snatch: 53-58(2)-58-63(1) Mile Run: 7:35 (last time running a mile, we did 3 with 2 min rest between trials. 8:55 / 9:22 / 8:51)