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Mythbuster Part I

Enough! I have heard in the last month so many comments about my gym and Crossfit that I MUST break the chain: Myth 1: It’s too hard. I can’t do what YOU do. Truth: Well, exercise CAN be hard when you don’t do it enough. Any exercise is hard at first, but at my gym […]

Franny. Yeah, we’re friends like that.

I did Fran today. Yes,  I did. 21-15-9 / Thrusters and pull ups I’ve gotten 13:18…8:22…10:22, and tonight…7:03. Really not sure how I pulled it off. It must be largely my diet because as I’ve said my workouts have been few and far between. I also decided to take it in small bites. My thrusters […]

Who’s in charge here?

I’ve got some new things going on in my life. Some added hours of “work” which aren’t really work because I enjoy them WAY too much! But, with adding hours of something, of course things get dropped or put aside or neglected. Mostly the latter. This past week was a testament to poor planning. Granted […]