Who’s in charge here?

I’ve got some new things going on in my life. Some added hours of “work” which aren’t really work because I enjoy them WAY too much!

But, with adding hours of something, of course things get dropped or put aside or neglected. Mostly the latter. This past week was a testament to poor planning. Granted right now I am in full school Christmas play mode, which means extra hours and work that will disappear in two weeks, but still, things are falling through the cracks. Important things that I should be trying desperately to save.

I worked out last Saturday and that was it. I never did it again. I didn’t grocery shop except for haphazard bits here and there and hence ended up eating a fair amount of crap that I shouldn’t have this week. BAD!

So yesterday, I went to work on sets and got done super early. So instead of coming home and plopping down in front of any one of the time suckers, I made a grocery list, put my workout clothes on and hurried my butt over to squeeze in a workout. As I was driving, it dawned on me…like a giant light bulb turning on and a hammer whacking me at the same time, “who’s in control”?

Well, HELLO. I am in control if I choose to be. I preach continually to people who say “no time to work out” or whatever, that if you WANT to do it bad enough, you’ll find time. True story.

When I was training for my figure shows I did boatloads of workouts, made food in advance and always seemed to get it all done, blogging, too! Because I chose to be in control of those things. I know there are times when I just ignore what needs to be done because I’m tired. All the more reason to plan ahead. You know “fail to plan”…yadda, yadda.

I guess I’ve just let it slip. Sometimes I feel guilty for working out or doing things that I love, but really only end up neglecting other things.

NYC - Bowling Green: Charging Bull

This week, I’m back in control. Grabbing the bull by the horns, so to speak. I have already shopped. I’m going to cook up some food to have in my lunches. I will get at least 2 workouts in, hopefully 3.

Enough slacking on the details! Time to pull it together.

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