Mythbuster Part I

The Chain

I have heard in the last month so many comments about my gym and Crossfit that I MUST break the chain:

Myth 1: It’s too hard. I can’t do what YOU do.

Truth: Well, exercise CAN be hard when you don’t do it enough. Any exercise is hard at first, but at my gym we teach you the movements and how to do them safely and with very light weights. Our goal is to get you fit, not kill you so why would we make it so hard no one could do it?

Myth 2: That’s where people throw up after workouts.

Truth: People have thrown up after workouts at LA Fitness, too. If you eat poorly immediately before a workout or are sick, you may throw up. It is not a recommendation nor a badge of honor to puke during or after a workout. Please dispel this myth immediately. If you puke at our gym you, we are not doing #1 correctly.

Myth 3: It’s too expensive.

Truth: While our gym may cost a bit more compared to your average big brand gym, you have to compare the product. For instance, you can drink instant coffee but really, when you compare it to a freshly brewed cup from Starbucks or even your own machine, there really is no comparison. Our classes are limited in size and  a 12/1 or less coach to athlete ratio. You will always be coached on proper form and movement EVERY time you come in and be scaled according to your ability and fitness level.

Myth 4: I can’t get a good workout in 30 minutes or less.

Truth: While all of the group classes are one hour in length, simply stated, YES, you can. A higher intensity workout over a shorter time will yield better results. Example: The power output on a 10 mile run will be lower than if you were running 400 m repeats.

Myth 5:  I hear a lot of people get injured doing Crossfit.

Truth: It is possible to acquire injury doing any physical activity. My mother tripped, fell and broke her shoulder on a walk. The coaching staff my gym focus on mechanics (proper form and movement), consistent mechanics (repeated proper form and movement) before intensity.

To be continued…

Until then, come in and see what all the fuss is about!

WCSC / Crossfit Ventura

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  1. Sherry says:

    I wish we had Crossfit here. I am in San Angelo, Texas. I’d say there’s about 100,000 people here. There’s a moderate sized state University here, as well as an Air Force Base. There’s about 5 gyms in town, not counting the facilities on base or at the University. Sadly, things like Crossfit, Hot Yoga, etc are missing here.

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