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Clamp it up until it holds on it’s own.

Inspiration comes during workouts for me. Maybe my mind is clearer, or blank or the surge of adrenaline brings revelation- I dunno.. I seem to learn things during this time. Today my workout was this: 4 rounds 9 burpees 15 box jumps (24″) 500 m row Yeah. I know. Crazy, right? My eyes stopped at […]

Restaurant Review

We went to a place we hadn’t been to before for my niece in law’s birthday. The Barbecue Co. in Carpenteria has the atmosphere of a bbq joint, but with the prices of a more expensive place. The food was just ok for the price. The soda’s were $3.25!! Ridiculous- even with refills. As expensive […]

Workouts Monday AND Tuesday?

What? I haven’t been able to workout this much in months and it feels SO good! Yesterday 7.11.11 I did “Grace” a well known Crossfit Benchmark workout that consists of 30 Clean and Jerks at 85#. I have done this wod a few times in the past and my best time was 4:28. the thing […]

Anime Expo 2011

For the past 2 years Jared has taken the kids to the Anime Expo in LA. Last year only Christian went and this year all three got to go. They chose characters to dress up as because as we all know, everything is more fun in a costume! Christian and Emma are from a Video […]

New Coach

Guess what? Someone is programming for me! One of the coaches at my gym offered to give me my workouts for awhile- which is huge. Programming, while fun, is hard work and takes time and thought. I had been VERY haphazardly working out doing a little of this and that but with not much direction. […]