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Don’t give up!

I’m loving these Nike videos. These women have one thing in common. Not genes, not location, not their sport, not how they look…they work hard. Just like me. Just like you. Don’t give up.

’71 was a very good year!

40 years of awesome. Me, and… Starbucks! And it opened only two days after I was born!

First Day of School for “the baby”.

This year we have two kids at one school and one at another. Riley started a week after the high schoolers. Here he is on his first day. Sorry it’s blurry. Apparently 6th graders have little time or patience for doting mothers. At least I managed to talk him into a little smile.

Check out our balls!

Please welcome Kalli. She hangs out over at Fit and Forty Something where she writes about fitness, food and the joys of living in So Cal. Check out her awesome recipe for “Protein Balls”. Thanks, Kalli! If you are like me, you want chocolate and sugar but don’t feel right about eating it. Especially sugar. […]

The Mother of Invention. And sewing stuff.

Hey there. I’m pretty excited here because I sewed something that literally took me 15 minutes and will probably be worth a million times that in functionality. Did you know, a long (median) nerve running from your head, over your shoulder and bicep, around your elbow and then, after it passes through your carpal tunnel […]

Moxie Reader Poll

To vote click the link Do you click through? and choose the option that best fits your opinion. I’m trying to see if readers prefer to read all content here or like the PDF version to print and download. Thanks for participating to make this site awesome!

Too Busy To Workout Part 3

The latest installment in the quest to add fitness to a busy life. Click Here: Too Busy To Workout Part 3 A study in what stops us from working out and one thing that can make the change.

First Day of School

Sophomore & Freshman Can’t believe these are my kids.

Too Busy To Workout Part 2

Alright you busy bees…here is part 2. I’ve offered a series of three movements with descriptions and a video demonstration. I’ve put the video here, but the workout is in the PDF so you will have to go get that. The video is linked there as well. This is a great series of body weight […]

Happy Birthday, Jared!!

Love you! Stay Tuned: Too Busy To Workout Part 2 coming soon! Missed Part 1? Find it here!