Too Busy to Workout? Say no more!

You there! I’m talking to you! Just stop for a minute and listen, please.

I can help!

During the last few months of school, I added some hours to my work schedule and found myself entirely too busy, stressed and exhausted to work out most days.

I confess that I have always had a strong opinion of people who use the phrase “I’m just too busy to workout”. My eye roll was usually accompanied by the sound of a deflating balloon “psshhhhh” and the response “you can ALWAYS find time if you really WANT to”. To all of the people who received this from me, I apologize. While I still think it is most likely true, in a sense. I now realize how difficult it can be. It takes work to make it happen for some people and I can appreciate that much better now.

Out of my realization that not everyone works at a gym and even those who do often don’t have the luxury of time to use it (sadly, time to do things good for us has become luxury), comes this series.

I realize that in this first offering I could have added at least 10 more things, but part of being busy is needing simplicity in the things we add in to our lives, so add what you like but these are the bare basics.

Click to download the PDF of Part 1: The Equipment

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2 Responses to “Too Busy to Workout? Say no more!”

  1. Terri says:

    Terrific! I am looking forward to this series.

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