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Rayne Report 3.0

Hello! I’m glad to bring you the latest in our series of updates on Raynes recovery and return to normal. Well, as normal as she can expect to become in this family of nuts! On September 24th (Saturday) The doctors were trying to lower her blood pressure meds and wean her but her heart was […]

Looking for a Rayne-bow

Cheesy title I know, but I can’t resist! I wanted to give you an up date on our beautiful Rayne. Rayne’s mommy and daddy asked me to stay the night with her on Thursday and I was blessed to do so. If I didn’t have to work the next day I would have stayed up […]

Pray for Rayne

One month and two days ago this lovely creature was born…my great-niece, Rayne Estelle. This precious angel was a long time coming. Her daddy and mommy (my nephew and niece) went through countless tests, treatments and types of infertility probing. After 5 years, God chose to send her. I had the distinct honor and privilege […]

It’s decision time! Plus- 3 New Workouts! (and scary before/after pictures)

Hey there! As we move onward in our quest to find time to move more even when there seems to be no time, I want to touch on decision making. Who decides if you have time? Is it your family, your job or you? When I looked like this… I was letting my life dictate […]

Too Busy To Workout Part 5

Holy cow, people! I’m up way past my bedtime to make this video! Here you go! I’m going to post the workouts and some tips, etc tomorrow. I gotta go to bed, but at least you can get pumped about some new moves! I’ve got three awesome workouts for you to take on. Get your […]

I’m not kidding

That video will be up tonight, I swear. Meanwhile check this out…really. I’m so excited I could pee my pants…oh…wait…I had that fixed. Link to article… EDITOR’S PICKS Best person to help you reach your fitness goals Martha Bangs, West Coast Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit Ventura 5777 Olivas Park Drive, suite S, Ventura (805) 644-9272 […]

I lied.

I’m sorry. the video is not ready to post and I just can’t give you something lame in place. Today was a dragging day and I apologize. Here is a pace holder workout for you! Alternate for 4 minutes: 20 sec. Plank hold 10 sec Rest 20 sec. sit ups 10 Sec Rest Core work […]


Here’s my new project! Anyone interested?

Coming Soon…

The next installment in “Too Busy To Workout”. I myself have been busy working on a very exciting project for work, but I promise to post three new workouts and a video by wednesday! YAY! See you soon!!

The Walk of Life

If you can remember the “Dire Straits” and their song “The Walk of Life” you might also remember that the lyrics are ridiculous. I keep thinking of the line “hand me down my walking shoes”. I have memories of shoes, not many, but three distinct ones from high school. The Boot I had a marvelous […]