Food is fun!

I tried something new today and thought you might like to know about it. I put Silk Coconut Milk in my coffee. Now, I’ve had coconut “creamer” in my coffee- it’s delicious, but this is just coconut milk. I’ve been using Almond milk for some time and since I LOVE (kisshuggsmooshface) coconut; I tried this.

coconut milk

The stats are not too bad”
90 Calories
5 g Fat
0 cholesterol
9g Sugars (which is cane juice)

Now for comparison:
almond milk

Almond milk stats:
90 Calories
2.5 g Fat
0 Cholseterol
15 g sugar (which is cane juice)

I have to say though, the ingredient list is much longer on the almond milk. It’s certainly crazy how those 6 g’s of sugar really are noticible. As in, yummy. I will finish the coconut milk and maybe cut my taste for sugar a little more. Fingers crossed!

Another fun food I tried is this:

Pickle Packs!

pickle 1

I got them with the kids in mind, but as usual they look at me like I’m nuts. So, I ate one today for research purposes.
0 Calories
0 Fat
1 g Carb
Sodium: 500mg

Not bad at all if you are craving crunchy and salty. And if nothing else, you might want them just because they are so DANG CUTE!

pickle 2

Next on the list is another item I picked up for my daughter. I don’t know about you but finding things to go in the kids lunches is a challenge. At least things that they will eat. So, there’s this:


My Paleo friends probably turn their noses up but most of them don’t have kids who were NOT raised on meat and veggies only. So, we do our best and honestly, my kids are healthy and happy. What’s a few occasional pretzels and cheese?

Calories: 150 (40 from fat)
4.5 g Fat
23 g carbs
9 g Sugar (honey in the pretzels, I guess)

The last thing on the list:
naked juice

I have looked at this many times, but never bought it. I see $6.99 on the price tag and scoff and walk on. But, this time I thought about it. If I purchased all the fruit and veggies and spent the time to chop it and juice it, wouldn’t that easily add up to 7 bucks? TOTALLY. And guys, it’s delicious. There are days when I just drink juice, and this is perfect. It has no added crap plus it has algae, spirulina, chlorella…etc. which I would never get in my own mix.

So there you are. A few fun and healthy choices for you to check out!


Tomorrow: Too Busy Series is back with Workout #2

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  1. Aimee says:

    We loooooovvvve green machine in our house. One of the only ways I can get green things in my kids. And they have unsweetened coconut milk at trader’s. I use it in fruit smoothies and it’s yummy!

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