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RX Jump Ropes

This may be my next fitness related purchase. The one pictured might be a little fat but the RX Jump Ropes people make them in varying diameters depending on where your double under skills are. I really like the way the handle feels and the rope attachment to the handle seems to have a smoother […]

How’s your flossing, and did you put on clean underwear today?

So, I got my teeth cleaned today. It’s been a year and honest to God I did not think it had been that long. Ever since the “deep cleaning incident” of 2000, I have been pretty religious about going. Not to mention a horrific root canal to give a nice swift kick to the tookus […]

She is coming…

She doesn’t warn you with a phone call. She doesn’t text or email. It’s more like a sudden kick to the head with an indian(is that racist?) burn on your arm afterwards. You plan for her arrival, even know when she is supposed to show up, but you’re never REALLY ready. Supplies purchased. Mental preparations […]

Flashback Friday – Rest Days and Parties and Cheating, Oh My!

I did a few figure competitions about a lifetime ago or so it feels. Check this post about 5 minutes in to the first month or so of training…how much I learned. Rest Days and Parties

Must conquer.


Shoes Optional


My beautiful mama.

Coconut “tortillas” and a word (or two) on nutrition

I’m a trainer. I love to workout. I workout (mostly) for performance but I swear you would not find one person who doesn’t look in the mirror and check out the rips, or lack there of. Crossfitters are notorious for saying they don’t do it for the look…right. People at my gym as a general […]

Mobility Magic

About 6 months in to my Crossfit “career” I hurt my back. We did some Snatch wod and I was certainly not very good at form in the early days. So, I cranked my back. I can’t remember who sent it to me but I got an email from someone with a link to San […]