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Obesession or dedication?

Ever since I began to do this thing called Crossfit, I’ve wanted to do one of these… Mine does not look as pretty, but keep in mind, I’ve only done one. Camille has done hundreds, I suspect. Here’s mine, 3 years in the making…and I did lock out at the end but the video cut […]

Cyber Monday Fitness Deals

Check out these deals on Again Faster! Inov8 Shoes, gymnastics grips and a speed jump rope for $100!!! Plus free shipping A 16 kg kettlebell and a speed jump rope for $70! Also free shipping. There are a few more amazing deals for the fitness geek in your life…or yourself!

Top 3 Tips to Getting Your Kids to Eat Healthy

I’m a personal trainer and coach by profession. I want to be healthy and I want to see others be healthy and live long active lives. My first priority is to my family. If I’m not setting them up for a healthy lifestyle, who will do it? I read an article that I really like […]

TM’s Sexiest Men Alive Issue…er Post

I bought the People issue that highlights the so named “Sexiest Men Alive”. Bradley Cooper won the title, and then there are 123 other men highlighted for various reasons, some of which I cannot figure out from the write ups. The main reason I bought the issue is because Crossfit’s Fittest Man is featured, which […]

I Almost Ran a Marathon Part 2

Hey, I’m back to finish this story. You’ve been frantically refreshing until this moment, huh? If you have followed my blog for a little while you know that I competed in “figure” which we always called “bodybuilding light”. Really it’s for us girls who don’t have excessive testosterone flowing and don’t want to get itby […]

Flashback Friday

Stuff about footwear is always interesting twice. Right? Shoes: Who needs ‘em?

I Almost Ran a Marathon Part 1

No, I didn’t but what a catchy title, right? On Saturday my friend Jaala ran a marathon. Jaala is fast and has a mental strength that is pretty much unrivaled in most of the people I know. She ran it in 3:29 which qualifies her for the Boston Marathon, by 11 minutes. This, to me, […]