I Almost Ran a Marathon Part 2

Hey, I’m back to finish this story. You’ve been frantically refreshing until this moment, huh?

If you have followed my blog for a little while you know that I competed in “figure” which we always called “bodybuilding light”. Really it’s for us girls who don’t have excessive testosterone flowing and don’t want to get itby way of a needle. ;-)

Here is a link to a post about that time of my life and if you go through the Archives anytime in January 2007-July 2007 is the point where I started that phase and continued for 2 years.

Through competing, I found that I stay focused on my training with something high to shoot for. I think wearing close to nothing while walking in 5 inch heels is a scary enough goal, right? That sounds kind of bad, but I swear there were NO POLES involved in what I did.

That brings me to now. I won’t be running any ridiculously long distances, just a 5k on Thanksgiving. I will however be doing this...Next Level Invitational .

I’m super excited because I’m getting stronger and gaining skills (muscle up is coming!) and now I want to utilize that. My biggest fear about the competition is that I don’t ever do more than one workout in a day. These usually entail 3 parts.

I have faith in my coach and that it will be a great experience for me. I need to have a goal and not just any goal, a goal that is bigger than what I think I can do.

So, onward we go! Want to come with me?

Also, I want this and with Amazon Prime, shipping is free so that’s like a $25 savings!


And, I tried pancakes with coconut flour. So far I’m not that impressed with coconut flour. Have you used it with success? Please comment and tell me HOW?!

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