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Some Christmas Thoughts

My spirits have been a little low this season. It’s always a mixture of wanting to totally indulge the consumer inside me and buy everything for everyone, because gift giving is fun, added to remembering the focus of this Holiday and not getting wrapped up (heh) in material things but realizing why we celebrate. I […]

More Rayne? Yes, please!

I’m looking for some Christmas miracles up in here, ya’ll! Rayne has been doing great, at least as far as they eye can see. After her last cardiology appointment the doctors realized her valve that she had surgery on is too small due to scar tissue formation. They set about to schedule her for angioplasty. […]

5 Insider Tips to Parenting Kids of All Ages

I toyed with calling this post “Things I wish someone told me” but “Insider Tips” sounds more official and like I could charge money for this. But I won’t. It’s free. You’re welcome. Here we go. 1. Teaching a kid to sleep is highest on the priority list. Bonding with your baby is a bunch […]