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The 90 Day Crossfit Experiment

Let me preface this by saying this may not be interesting to anyone but me, but this my journal of sorts, so read if you want but don’t feel like you’ll break my heart of you skim it. After all, it’s the internet, I can’t see you. My plan is to do 30 days of […]

Drop Crotch Jeans and Crossfit. Sure. Why not?

I read this blog periodically…The Barefoot Foodie…she’s just the right amount of crass and real and exceedingly funny. I found these little gems from her blog: Who exactly thinks this is a good idea? Load in your pants, perhaps? And then there is this… Wine Lollipops Wish I had the gumption to make them. Maybe […]

5 (totally materialistic) Things I Can’t (ok, I can- but don’t want to) Live Without

I was thinking about a ‘goals and resolutions’ post but I fell asleep coming up with the idea and therefore resorted to telling you this. Enjoy. 1. D Fi Hair Wax I got a haircut about 10 years ago (yes, I’ve had a few since then) and my hairstylist used this on me and I […]