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Forty Onederful: 2 Days left…

Last year when I turned 40 I was all in a panic and seriously afret (is that a word?) about leaving my 30′s. This year is so um…bleh. There is really nothing THAT exciting about the number 41. After all, age really is a number. I feel the same as I always have. I love […]

Forty Onederful: Muscle Up…again.

So I skipped a few days. Life is busy and good. 7 days until the big one. :-)  I’m ready.

Forty-Onederful: Day 14

The beauty of running water makes me happy every day. Imagining pumping or dragging a bucket out of a well, or having to boil every drop before use makes me sad. A long hot shower is pretty amazing, as is a soak in the hot tub. Props to modern plumbing…which according to Wiki, a form […]

Forty-Onederful: Day 13

Surprised? Probably not. Bubbly goes with everything…from fine dining to taco bell. Yum!

Forty-Onederful: Day 12

Social media makes it possible to see what people are doing, eating, thinking and generally just about anything you wanted to know, or didn’t. I have learned something about myself though this. I appreciate people who are living a regular life, with a job and rent to pay and bills and all the things that […]

Forty Onederful: Day 9 and 10

I’m catching up…these were meant to be 2 separate posts…but well, you get two for the reading of one. Saves time for everyone. I’m thrifty! Friends & Family This is a hard one because I have so many of both. I am richly blessed with so many amazing people in my life and really, I […]

Forty Onderful: Day 8

So I’m a few days behind. What? This picture is of a delicious pork loin with a garlic and Italian seasoning rub then, by the brilliant suggestion of my son, draped with bacon. I cooked it in my pampered chef deep covered baker. Good food is always something to be grateful for.

Forty-Onederful: Day 7

Blueberry Rose Lip Salve (which I got on sale for $1 at Bath & Body lest year.) This lip balm is the …uh…bomb. Hah! I keep it by my bed and use it before I got to sleep. LOVE!

Forty-onederful:Day 6

Lifting heavy stuff. I enjoy weight training immensely. Working in a gym makes this much better. My proudest lift to date: 160# 1 rep back squat.

Forty-Onederful: Day 5

My job. I don’t know a lot of people who love their jobs. I do.