Weekend Warrior


Sunday was our “Wonderful Women of WCSC” WOD day! This month’s theme was “The ‘B’ Word” (Blind Buddy). Each person put a movement into a hat and we were matched up to do a 21-15-9 of those two movements.
I put Power Snatch because I can always use the practice. I was partnered with Sheila which was awesome because lately I am always chasing her! She chose kettle bell swings, which I love.

My time was 7:55 @ 53# snatch and 35# KB, it wasn’t too hard and pretty fun. Plus, I love hanging out with these girls. A bunch of quality, truly nice people.

Today’s workout was:
In 10 min build to a max Front Squat RESULT: 155#
rest 2 min
In 10 min perform AMRAP Squat Cleans – 90% Clean 1RM= 115# RESULT: 15 reps
rest 2 min
In 10 min as many meters as possible rowing RESULT: 2053m (stroke rate was around 15-17 for most of it.)
(stroke rate must be under 20 strokes/min)

Needless to say, I’m tight all over. Probably going to take a rest day tomorrow.

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