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Tuesday Tip: Hand Care (oops…Wednesday)

Recently I heard an athlete in my gym say he thought he wanted bigger calluses so he wasn’t tending to his hands. I thought it might be a good time to address hand care for people who Crossfit and do other sports that tend to tear up your hands should you build up calluses. I’m […]

Olympic Sailing

Sorry no image link…click on the text to see this hilarious video. Olympic Sailing

Monday Moxie Musings: Birthdays and Giveaways!

What an awesome week. On Wednesday we celebrated Rayne’s Birthday!! Remember this Rayne post? Wowee…how we have progressed! Look at her now!! Kristi’s sister and neice came from Indiana to surprise her for the party! It was a great success. We had fun hanging out and watching Rayne enjoy life…and CAKE, of course! Love this […]

What happened here?

I pulled out to go to work and saw this in the alley. Hmmm…mystery.

Tuesday Tip

Treat Yourself Since you did all that housework while listening to your audiobook, last week It’s time to give yourself a break. It doesn’t have to be anything major. Take a nap, or a bath, buy & read a magazine. Go drive through and get an ice cream cone, or a latte. Walk on the […]

Monday Moxie Musings

Wow! it has been a crazy, busy, full week! Camping! We left last Sunday for a camping adventure. We returned to Dinkey Creek where we had gone in 2010 and had a blast. We far surpassed that trip in fun had, in my opinion. The weather was perfect aside form a tiny bit of rain, […]

Tuesday Tip

Make house work go by a little easier with…AUDIOBOOKS! I really don’t like dishes, and laundry and scrubbing toilets. Does anyone? Over the years it has been a great help to listen to a good book whilst tackling these chores. Audible is a great paid source, but I know there are free ones out there, […]

Monday Moxie Musings

It’s hard not to trip out on how my kids are growing up and the changes they are going through. When you carry a human in your belly and then one day they are suddenly taller than you, it’s fairly trippy. See what I mean with hugeness of these three??!! I relived a little of […]


We met in 1993, he was 18 I was 23. We were married in 1995, only 5 days before he turned 20. By January I was pregnant with our first baby and off on a journey of a lifetime. As we enter the part of our lives where kids become adults -driving, college, significant others […]

Tuesday Tip

Try Something New I’ve recently decided to do something new. Swim. I actually do know how to swim and took swimming lessons as a child like many American children do. I have never swum laps. I now know why. (Swimsuit by Patagonia)* It’s hard. For the last month-ish I have spent about 30 minutes a […]