Monday Moxie Musings

It’s hard not to trip out on how my kids are growing up and the changes they are going through. When you carry a human in your belly and then one day they are suddenly taller than you, it’s fairly trippy.


See what I mean with hugeness of these three??!!


I relived a little of my high school / early college days at the fair seeing a concert!

En Vogue and Boys 2 Men…En Vogue rocked it and looked amazing. The Boys were good, too, but I think they might need a little Crossfit. Ha! They had to stop and breathe between every song.


boys 2 men

All the hotties who went to the concert…minus a couple who snuck up to the front!

boys 2 men 2

We are headed to camp at Dinkey Creek again! We went in 2010 and loved it so much we wanted to go again. It is SO worth the 5 hour drive. This picture is from last time, plus a link to the rest of pictures on FB. Enjoy! See you on Thursday!

dinkey 2010

Dinkey Creek 2010 Pics

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