Monday Moxie Musings

Wow! it has been a crazy, busy, full week!


A Group Shot

We left last Sunday for a camping adventure. We returned to Dinkey Creek where we had gone in 2010 and had a blast. We far surpassed that trip in fun had, in my opinion. The weather was perfect aside form a tiny bit of rain, but I even enjoyed that a tiny bit.

A Log

We spent many hours at the creek. On Tuesday we rented a pontoon boat at Shaver Lake and spent most of the day cruising, swimming and exploring. The kids and I all said this was our favorite part of the trip.

A pontoon

A Jared Waterfall

We even found a cool (and by cool I mean FREEZING) little waterfall where the water comes into the lake. We all braved the cold and jumped in. Totally worth it.

On a side note, Riley had a bit of a spill which landed him in the ER for about 4 hours. He split his chin and eyebrow and came home with 6 stitches. That was NOT the highlight of the trip.

A ER Trip

The only thing I might do differently is rent a cabin or a vacation house. I keep saying I’m done sleeping on the ground, yet find myself doing it again. Someday…

A 3 amigos

This one of my favorites. They look so cool and I love that they like to hang together.

Jr High & High School

‘Back to School’ smacked us in the face the day after we got back from camping. I spent most of the day with my kids, and their teacher organizing classes and getting on college waiting lists.

A C and Mom

Christian is a Junior and it’s time to start taking college steps. He’s enrolled in driver training and will be getting his license probably right after his birthday in October. He’s growing in to a fine young man.

A Emma cute

A Emma Boat

Emma will be a Sophomore and is, as ever my social butterfly. She has carved a nice spot for herself on the rowing team and has high hope for the next year as a varsity coxswain. She is a sensitive and beautiful young lady with high standards and principles. She’s got a much more solid head on her shoulders than I did at 14.

A Riley Mom

Riley will be in 7th grade and will be moving to an independent study school that is done mostly on the computer. He’s excited to get his laptop that comes with it and get started. He’s the comic of the crew and keeps us all laughing with his random silliness. He is 5’5″ and surpassed me. I’m thinking he might catch up to and pass his dad.

It looks to be another fun and adventure filled year!

Central Coast Clash

For the 4th year, the gym I work at, my home away from home, hosted it’s individual competition. We have grown from 40 athletes to 120 and a truly epic competition day. People who Crossfit, love to workout and they love to do in a competitive atmosphere. I helped out judging and just generally being available. It so fun to meet new people and watch them do things they never thought possible. I know I say that all the time, but it’s really one of the best things about my job.



A fun little addition was that I got to have a crack at selling my wrist wraps. I almost met my sales goal but I’m really happy to have done it and I’m going to keep pushing it (gently) to see how far I can take it.


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