Tuesday Tip: Hand Care (oops…Wednesday)

Recently I heard an athlete in my gym say he thought he wanted bigger calluses so he wasn’t tending to his hands. I thought it might be a good time to address hand care for people who Crossfit and do other sports that tend to tear up your hands should you build up calluses.

I’m going to go over what *I* do and you can play around with what works for you.

1. Squeeze calluses together and using a large nail clipper, clip the raised skin off. CAREFUL…don’t go too deep. If this scares you, you can just peel the first layer off without the clippers.

2. Use a callus file like this one… to rub leftover raised skin off.

3. Use a regular nail file like this one…to smooth any remaining rough spots.

This should keep the calluses at bay and avoid any rips. I’ve only ripped once and have taken care to remove all my calluses continuously.

Should you perchance rip your calluses:

If you can, try to trim the ripped skin as much as possible. Wash the area well and dry thoroughly. Take Vitamin E capsules and poke them with a pin. Squeeze the oil on each ripped area and allow your hand to absorb the oil. If you need to, cover with band aids or blister bandages to avoid irritating the area.

Good luck and if you have soft hands skin, maybe think about gymnastics grips or athletic tape to protect from rips.

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