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Wednesday Workout

I haven’t had a surplus of time to writes posts and with picture editing and stuff, it takes some time to make a post not look cheesy. A couple of weeks ago, I had one more day to workout before going on a trip and I was in between programs. (I have an awesome coach […]

Monday Moxie MENU: Mini Meatloafs

Is that an alliteration jackpot, or what? MMMMMM…feels delicious rolling off the tongue. I’m just not up for a full Monday post and since I went FULL METAL PALEO on dinner tonight, I thought I’d post a recipe/meal. Steph, who posts some nummy stuff HERE posted an orange chicken recipe that I made before. My […]

Tuesday Tip: Communicate with Your Kids/Teens

Recently I have started a new thing with my daughter. She’s pretty cute, huh? She’s funny and sweet and feisty and sensitive all wrapped up in this package. (Now that one in the back…hahaha) We bought a notebook that’s just for us. Looks kinda like this… It’s open to anything. We can write feelings, fun […]

Monday Moxie Musings: Late Night Episode

We just returned from another trip up to the Yosemite area for the Labor Day weekend. We spent 3 days at a Family Camp which turned out to be more fun than I anticipated. One of the highlights? of the trip was this… The Cow Tongue Toss competition. My face tells you exactly what it […]