Wednesday Workout

I haven’t had a surplus of time to writes posts and with picture editing and stuff, it takes some time to make a post not look cheesy.

A couple of weeks ago, I had one more day to workout before going on a trip and I was in between programs. (I have an awesome coach programming for me now! EEEEeeeee!) So, I was trying to think of a workout that was fun-ish and movements I like and not 8 million hours long.

Well, thank you Google…I found this one- Double Under “Helen”. Right up my alley! So I decided to video and then last night we were watching Boardwalk Empire and that’s what inspired the music. So here is just a fun workout video. (It took so long to upload it is now Thursday, sigh.)


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2 Responses to “Wednesday Workout”

  1. Cody says:

    HAHA! Thats funny! I like how at the 3rd round of double-unders you stopped and stood there with your leg out like you’re waiting in line at the DMV

  2. mrs.b says:

    Ha. That IS funny! I do weird things while working out. Ok, all the time. ;-)

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