Truth Revealed: Eating Healthy is not easy.

Ok, I’m going to put it to you straight, eating healthy is hard. Cookies taste good and make my brain think happy thoughts. Broccoli dose not taste good and makes me pretty much sad. I wash it down with water. I wash cookies down with…more cookies! I know someone who would be on my team.

So, here’s the deal, you have to work at it. You have to eat some things that you might not like and be creative. The part that sucks the most in my opinion, is the cost. Eating healthy is NOT CHEAP. Grass fed meats cost more, and rarely goes on sale. Most of the people I know who eat it exclusively are single or couples without children. Family of 5 over here, with teenage boys growing like weeds…not cheap.

grass-fed-beef $$ copy

It comes down to planning, and eating the best foods you can afford.

meal prep

I like this quote from James Ftizgeralds blog, “food prep; you either want it, or you don’t; its that simple, whatever you choose to do and “say” you want; are your actions aligned with your values on what you are “saying”?; or are you just “talking”?
and moreso, if you are just talking, who is REALLY listening?”

Really applies to being a person of consistency in general, but here he talks about food prep.

Do you have a good tips or things that help you keep on track without spending a fortune?


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