Monday MOM Musings

This week (Thursday) my eldest child turns 16. SIXTEEN, people! I have mixed emotions about this and by mixed I mean 3% excited for him and 97% FREAKING out. I sense this year brings many changes for him. He’s on the verge of driving…in a car…by himself- without me to put my arm across him at a hard stop. I mean, I GUESS I can trust the seat belt without me assisting.

Didn’t this just happen?

He just barely learned to ride a bike!

And then there was all this stuff…what a story!

Still growing! It won’t stop!

We did the long hair years…
NYC 2011

And now we have come to this…

A man. Ready to drive, get a job, finish high school. He’s sweet and sensitive and talented and I’m so proud to be his mom.

Freaked, nonetheless, but proud.


Love you, buddy! Happy Birthday! ~ Mom

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5 Responses to “Monday MOM Musings”

  1. Terri says:

    Wow-my niece turns 13 tomorrow and I thought that was bad enough! Just breathe.

  2. Aunt Jacquie says:

    I remember him running across the courtyard at school to give me a hug. Talk about old-person affirmation. Happy Birthday, young man! And Happy Birth-day, mommy!

  3. sara says:

    Wow! 16?!? When did this happen? Love the pictures you posted. Happy birthday Christian.

  4. Uncle Frank says:

    Hey cool cat. Have a great day.

    Uncle Frank’s advice : Work hard, be committed,honest and always try to make your parents proud. That should do it for now..
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. MarthaB says:

    So crazy this aging thing…of course THEY are getting older. Not us. ;-)

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