Lap of Luxury


It’s hard NOT to be thankful. I look a around my cluttered living room and think, “why do I get all this stuff…my fake leather couch and fireplace and lanky, funny teenagers watching tv?” The piles of stuff that at one time would have sent me into a frenzy, now comfortingly remind me of people and events and joyful pockets of life. Things that one day may and probably will be forgotten.

There’s no shortage of stuff to look at and say “wow…all this for me?” Even when I descend the stairs and secretly pray that someone read my mind and knew how happy it would make me to see the dishes done. The sink is full of dirty dishes and it surprisingly doesn’t bother me. I view it as a memory of a dinner with my lovely family who argues the best way to put together a taco or investigates who drank the last Dr. Pepper that ‘WAS CLEARLY MARKED’ with someone’s name.

It’s all good, as they say.

Our oven isn’t working properly, but yet, it works and I cook in it again, praying for one more day we don’t have to sink $1000 into another appliance. But we could, if we had to.

This Thanksgiving weekend I can’t see anything NOT to be thankful for. Maybe the ripped callus on my palm, yet, I love that I can do things like pull ups and exercises that cause such nasty reminders. So, I guess calluses are ok, too.

There is pain in life, no doubt, but my heart longs to see the story behind the pain, what makes the bitter coffee sweet and flavorful? Something inside you can’t see.

As I sip away, allowing the flavor to penetrate my taste buds, I lay my head down and rest, for truly THIS is the lap of luxury.


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