Looking back on 2012 and moving on to 2013!

The Christmas tree is gone and the decorations are packed away in their boxes, headed to the attic to await next year. Stockings emptied and leftover treats piled up in a bowl, most likely to be thrown out since we’ve all eaten way to much over the last weeks and resolutions are looming. The scale doesn’t lie and there’s no time like the present and…cliche’ cliche’ cliche.

I’ve never been one for resolutions. I looked back a few years and I couldn’t find any that I had ever posted. I did, however find this little gem which I will be making again. Score!

Chocolate Strawberry Frozen Treat

I’ve decided to make some this year! Resolutions, that is!
I found these pictures…in the box I mentioned last post.(You have to click on the link if you want to see the horror.) WHOA! Now people, I am going out on a limb here posting this picture. GAH! This was BAD. In my defense…I did have three kids under 5 at the time and was knee deep in raising them. But, excuses did not change this. Quite the opposite. Below are more recent photos….WAAAAY less junk in the trunk, but you know what the weird thing is…I’m not that much different on the scale -maybe 15 pounds. Muscle looks way better than fat, ya’ll.

So it got me thinking, what’s next? what do I want to DO, to CHANGE, to make BETTER in my life and the lives of others. (Other than constantly working on that back side!) Honestly, physical and ‘gym’ based goals seems to be lowest on the list. I still want to be a great trainer and motivate people to change their lives to a healthier way of living. But, I’m not so concerned with getting the fastest time anything or being the #1 or even the #5. I heard a radio commentary urging people to focus on what’s real and lasting…relationships and friendships. That’s what I want to do this year. Focus on those in my life who I love and care about. Drop the petty stuff, stop correcting grammar and spelling (welllll, maybe…I mean I don’t want you all out there looking stupid) and give someone a hug or a kind word.

I want to be better person, everyday, to myself and everyone else, too.

So here they are:

1. Edit and publish a book my dad wrote but never was able to finish the process.
2. Enter 2 writing competitions.
3. Blog once per week.
4. Maintain my physical fitness, have fun doing it and continue to grow in knowledge of training. (That’s kind of a big one)
5. Make lasting memories with family and friends.
6. Be diligent to be mindful of these three things and journal them as often as I remember:
~What good to other people did you do today?

~What good did other people do to me today?

~What did I learn today?

I know it’s a lot and some of them are going to take work, but I REALLY need something to shoot for. I’m really looking forward to seeing this year through with some real solid things to hang my hat on when 2014 rolls around. My oldest will graduate from high school in 2014 and wants to head off to college to somewhere gray (Washington State!!) but, I want him to leave the nest knowing that he has a warm, welcoming, safe place to come back to. But, if he doesn’t, he leaves with cherished memories and love.

My final thought for the New Year is that I really want to treat everyday as a gift.
When I wake up to an unopened present, with anticipation of what’s inside I want to choose to be grateful no matter what comes out. Sometimes what is in the box isn’t exactly what I hoped for and I will make the best of it.


Sometimes when I open the gift it will feel as if the universe is on my side. Either way, I want to look at the dawn of each new day as a fresh start. Yesterday has passed and tomorrow is out of my control, but TODAY I’m going to live. Everyday.

What are your goals? Passions? Things you dream of…

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