Dear Moxie…from a compulsive friend hider

A letter from a reader:


Dear TM,

How do you use Facebook? I sometimes feel like if I see one more meal, one more workout, see one more “cutest picture ever” of a kid, pet or otherwise living thing or one more whiny post about how bad your cramps are, mother in law is or why can’t all the (insert political inclination here) just realize what idiots they are, I may just explode. I really like FB for staying in touch and occasionally seeing whats up in other places than my little bubble, but for reals Moxie, I’m going to end up with all of my friends OFF my FB feed. It’ll just be me and ads soon. Oh and the cupcakes. They can stay. Otherwise, HELP! What should I do?

Compulsive Friend Hider

Dear CFH,

Never fear. This is an easily solved problem.
Solution 1:
FB is for YOU and if you want to hide all 674 friends, do it. You should only have to read what pleases you. Just be prepared when actually see that friend and they reveal that they just had a baby and you are quite shocked, you might have to divulge the truth of your compulsiveness.

Solution 2:
Don’t ever actually GO ON FB. My husband does this through some sort of ready thingy and never actually goes TO FB so the urge to scroll endlessly and be tortured is drastically reduced. But, you can’t post through this reader so you would have to all but give up posting directly to FB. And honestly, if you don’t go ON Fb. What’s the point?

Solution 3:
Suck it up. People are into what they are doing and they want you to be into it to. Let it go. Maybe harder, but a little character growth is good. Right? Drawback: Still being annoyed by all the above mentioned things that bug you.

Solution 4:
A little of 1 and a little of 3. If it’s someone you can live without seeing their posts, hide ‘em. If it is someone who would be genuinely hurt if they knew, suck it up.

FB is a funny thing and people have become very attached to it. And if you don’t like those, there is always…

Solution 5.
Go to FB and make a dramatic post “I’m leaving FB. Goodbye” And then delete the whole thing. No drawbacks…unless you have an addiction. Then you just need counseling.

Good luck!


Tremendous Moxie

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