A little ditty, about me ‘n “Diane”

Last May I did a workout named “Diane”. It is 21-15-9 of Deadlifts at 155# and Handstand push ups. I had barely achieved handstand push ups at that time and the workout took me 19:53. Pretty long, but I finished it.

The gym retested it recently but I got sick and couldn’t do it with them. I’ve been waiting to feel better to do it and finally today was able to knock it out.

My goal was sub 10 minutes.

Here is how I did. The main thing I think would help me improve is to come right back down from each push up. I’m hanging out at the top and going to slow on the way down.



10:13…not bad!


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4 Responses to “A little ditty, about me ‘n “Diane””

  1. Lisa says:

    awesome work, Martha!

  2. mrs.b says:


  3. meg says:

    awesome!!!!! 1. you have to send me that song! and 2. you pr’d the shit outta ‘diane’! even my second retest was only 10:50. i agree, your main cue is a faster descent on the handstand pushups. oh man, next time the gym tests this, we have to do it together. i know it’d be one of those situations where we’d end up doing way better, just by having eachother to pace against. and again, AWESOME MARTHA!!!

  4. mrs.b says:

    Thanks! YES…Diane date for sure!!

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