My Girl

About 14 years ago, we had a bit of a surprise. My oldest child was about 6 months old when I found out baby #2 was on the way. I remember thinking “Ok. I guess we are having 2.” I was never worried or scared, but excited. I guess that’s why I was a little shocked when people asked “did you mean to do that?” Ha! What?? What an insensitive question!


Your sense of style was evident at an early age. The dressing up with princess shoes, boas and lipstick  was always top of the list of things to do.


And your fun loving spirit and sensitive heart shone through with creativity and imagination.


You brought a new member into the family and although she doesn’t come on as many trips, Unyuns will always be in our hearts. She’s real. I know.

emma 3

Your beauty inside and out makes people love you and want to be around you.


Your brothers probably would have been pretty bored if you hadn’t been around.


Halloween was and still is a huge event for you as creating the perfect costume is an art! From Daphne or Hawkgirl all the way to Gaga or the Zombie Bride…all of them so detailed and amazing!


Pictures like this are why we won’t be smiling for the first month after you bring a boy home, and we may growl and carry a weapon. Just kidding. Sort of.


I love how the sport of rowing has captured your passion and your talents are being used is such an awesome way!


My lovey, my girl…you mean so much to me. Your sweet heart, mixed with fire and spunk and great big helping of humor make me love you more every day.

A Very Happy 15th Birthday to You, Emma Faith Bangs!



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