Family Night: Art Project

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about family night. Honestly we got a little lax in our creativity. Also, stuff’s expensive so we had to set a budget for the night limiting us a bit.

This week, I got the idea to do a craft when Emma asked to go to Michaels. Jackpot!

So I bought some brushes, small canvas boards (they came 5 to a pack, so I took that as a sign) and some paper mache’ eggs. It’s almost Easter, you know?

Some loved this project more than others, but in the end we all hung out together, had some laughs and listened to some music. Have you ever heard Doba? Try it. It’s not for everyone…;-)

Here are the results…

This is my lovely seascape with a GIANT crab.

And my egg…

Here is Emma’s Sunset. Love the little moon at the bottom.


Her egg, for me. Isn’t he a lovely little owl?


Riley made this masterpiece…


His egg is on the plate, and it’s pretty much the same color as his hands. He got a little carried away mixing colors.


Christian took his to his room so I didn’t get a picture. He didn’t love this event but you can see he tried.


Jared started with one thing in mind and ended with this. I award him the hidden artist award. I mean, how cute is this?


All in all we had a blast.

We also had dinner at the Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch. I give it 2 STARS. While a place that serves chicken and steak holds promise, they have no veggies at all and there is a flavor shortage, imo. Also, they serve Pepsi products which is a negative in my house and their chips are dry and cardboard-y.

New adventures next week!

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  1. Sara says:

    The artwork looks great! We tried out Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch a few weeks ago, I wasn’t too impressed either. I thought the chicken and steak were good, but not enough sides, there was a salsa bar but not all meals came with chips.

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