Snatch n Stuff

Thursday, 11th
Power Snatch; 1.1.1 x 5 sets; rest 3 min (rest 15 sec b/t reps)
For Time:
Row 500m
40 Box Jumps @ 24” (step down)
30 Squat Cleans @ 85#
20 Burpees

I tried to do one more at 78 but it just wasn’t happening. Plus people started :helping: me and I got all flustered.

For Time:

I knew this was going to be tough but the row and box jumps weren’t actually that bad. The cleans were REALLY hard. I got to fifteen and my back was on fire. I switched to power cleans :-) it and it got much better.
Time: 12:38
I know it would have been probably 5 minutes longer and a lot more painful if I had done the squat cleans.

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