Thank FULL!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my dad lately. Not sure why exactly. I think ever since I went to Africa there are so many things I’d like to share with him face to face. My sister posted this picture this week and it made me think of him more.

Today, for a Thanksgiving treat we went to a movie of a book I read, called The Book Thief. I’m especially intrigued by books about the time in history during Hitler’s  regime and World War 1.  A primary theme in the book was the power of written words and  how one character encouraged the main character to WRITE!

This is something that my dad constantly told me and I often get wrapped up in the daily minutiae and the world of Facebook  and doing laundry and errands and often forget that I might have something to say, for someone else or just for the therapeutic nature of writing my thoughts down.

I was reminded of one of his last Christmases where we made a birthday cake for Jesus and we had tamales and everything seemed so simple. Sometimes I feel like I know too much. I know how Walmart is open today and I know up to the minute when celebrities die and when Kanye West makes another horrific video, I don’t need to know all that, really. But I digress.

For now, this is what I know…I have today. Today is the day to be joyful and thankful and it’s ok if some people only think of it today, at least they think of it at all. I have today to hold someone, lift someone up, give a smile or a kind word. Today I can listen to your story and open my life up to become part of yours. I can laugh at a joke or cry when a song conjures up a sad memory. I can rest and relax in the comfort of today and hope for what tomorrow may bring, if it comes, God willing.

I hope you have some good memories to think of, some good people to love and be loved by, and maybe even a story to tell after the day is done.

Until then…

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