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Stumbling Into 2014

Hey friends…thought I’d make my yearly Merry Christmas / Happy New Year post on time this year! Go me! Wow have some things changed and happened this year! I looked back at last years blog at this time HERE. Interesting. I’d like to touch on a few of those things. First, look at these people… Christian […]

Doing It For the Team

Recently I competed in a Crossfit event on a 4 person team. We didn’t win, but we sure did have fun. See?   I really enjoy team events. It really gives me the push to train. I’m training for another team event in January with some friends from VCF3 and man, the training days are […]

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Day two of Go ruck Training…not too tough. More running involved, though.I think I’ve run more in the last two days than I have in the last month. Close Grip Bench Press ~65-75% BWT, 1 min – 85# X10 reps Squats, 1 min – 28 reps Step-Ups, 2 min – 24″ lost count Jog, 3 min […]

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Getting ready for GO Ruck! 4 Sets AFAP 400m Run 50 Squats 40 Walking Lunges Rest 3 min Each round took about 6 minutes. Not sure how AFAP that was but I did them all which I wasn’t 100% sure would happen. 17 to go.