Doing It For the Team

Recently I competed in a Crossfit event on a 4 person team. We didn’t win, but we sure did have fun.



I really enjoy team events. It really gives me the push to train. I’m training for another team event in January with some friends from VCF3 and man, the training days are HARD! Here is the workout I did on Wednesday:

5 sets of
400m Run
15 x Flutter Kicks
​20 x Walking Lunge Steps
400m Run
20 x Squats
15 x Push-Ups
FLR – 60 sec (this is like an elevated plank)
Rest 2 min between sets

After the 3rd round I was done for. I was truly thinking there was no way I was running again. But, I thought of my team. I didn’t want to hold them back or be the weakest link, so I pressed on. I made it to the end and man did my legs hurt that day. But, the satisfaction of knowing I finished it was the best feeling…well, mentally anyway.

I know I need goals…things to work towards. Sometimes the individual efforts are just not enough to make me want to keep going. After dieting myself to a freakishly skinny 108 for a figure competition, I just don’t want to go back there. It’s is more fun (for me) knowing that I will have company in my misery.

And I will love every minute of it.

Are you looking for a push to get you where you want to be? Need to be? Find a group. Train with them. Train for them. Not sure where to find a group? Email me or click HERE. There are tons of people who would love to run beside you as you achieve things you never imagined you could.

See you out there!


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