What are you even DOING?

I’m beating myself up daily.

I can’t keep the house clean.
I don’t have time for a proper workout.
I’m not spending enough time with my kids, my husband or anyone really.
I spent too much at the store and now we are tight for money.
I’m feeding my kids too much processed food.
and the list goes on…
and on…
and on…

Self sabotage is a problem. More so for women, I venture but I’m sure there are men who deal with it too. I suspect they don’t beat themselves up as much, though. The perfectionism in our gender is rampant. Is it genetic? I know that I tend toward feeling guilty for spending money and not being what I think is the “perfect wife and mother”.

I don’t enjoy cooking.
My house is rarely spotless, if ever.
I’m a Fly Lady drop out.
I eat cookies and ice cream, often.
I don’t cook breakfast for my kids.
They don’t come home to warm cookies and milk.
I don’t have a farm with egg laying chickens.
I didn’t make my own baby food.
I used paper diapers.
I let me kids have soda- as toddlers.
And, I only occasionally buy organic ANYTHING.

I mean, the picture of perfect parenting, right?

What a crock of S__t!

Who made these rules? My kids, husband and I are happy and healthy…more than a lot of families I know. Why do I get so down on myself?

It’s a hard road to stop beating yourself up for not measuring up to some ‘pie in the sky’ standard, but it must be done.

I’m not perfect, and that’s ok. I’m me. I’m striving to be a better version of myself everyday-but not according to any self help book or magazine article or snooty person I meet. I’m not doing life hacks and I don’t want to maximize my time.

I’m working on enjoying life. Living life. Loving and getting to know people and how they work. I’m learning to be present in the moment.

My motto:
Accept Yesterday (you can’t change it)
Trust Today (Seize the moment)
Hope in Tomorrow (There is always a new day coming)

Maybe you can start, too.

Much love,

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