I don’t like roller coasters.


I’m posting this in frustration and utter exhaustion. I don’t really like roller coasters. I used to, but then I got old and had vertigo and now I’m just a spinny mess if I try to ride one.

The kids have had finals this week and it’s a first for us. Since the two older ones have been in independent study, they didn’t really have a “finals week”. They did one subject at a time and it made things simple. Not 6 huge tests in one week.


Now that E and R are both in traditional high school, the wonderful stress load has hit like several tons of bricks. Me- Hit me…two days in a row. I’m not even taking the tests.

To begin with, the traffic is horrific. Two high schools and a community college all getting out at the same time. Imagine 3 blocks of cars of every parent picking up their child all there ate the same time plus 100 college students. Does it scare you?
It should. Or at least make you wish you lived in a little country town. Or in Sweden where even pregnant women ride bikes. That’s another story for another day.

Of course no one, said teens and one husband could figure out why I was irritated or why I wanted them to walk up the hill to avoid getting stuck in it and sitting for 20 minutes. Really?

Then, today of of the aforemention teens was having trouble communicating if a ride home was needed or not, so I left without her…ahem…them. Weeehhhhheeeellll…did the proverbial shite hit the fan. I had committed a cardinal sin…not understanding what the heck they wanted me to do. I mean I came back. I could have just headed home and let the whole thing play out. ;-) But, I value my life.

Anyhoo…this week has not been a ride I bargained for. 90% of the time, I have the most fun and funny kids who can make a dumb situation seem manageable. This week, not so much.

I blame finals. Schools, can we fix that? Those 7 tips aren’t doing it.

I’m ready for It’s a Small World, now.

Much Love,

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