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Monday Mom: Self Worth

The messages are quick and harsh these days. No one beats around the bush anymore. Ad companies tell you it’s bad to look the way you do-whatever that is or use the wrong phone or have anything but the absolute latest gadgets and fashions. And you must have a thigh gap, or not. Eat gluten […]

Dear Moxiemama : Kitchen Nightmare

Dear Moxiemama, I’m struggling with making dinner each night. I hate it. But, my kids keep wanting to eat and apparently that’s my job…to feed them and make sure they stay alive. I need dinner ideas! Please help! Sincerely, Kitchen Nightmare Dear Kitchen, Can I call you Kitchen? I can see how the low moans […]

Monday Mom: The Future

Growing up in a home where the parents go to church and practice faith does not guarantee a child who follows Christ or have any other spiritual guarantees. As a new mom , a mere 18+ years ago, I had two things I knew for sure I wanted for my kids. The first was for […]