Monday Mom: The Future

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Growing up in a home where the parents go to church and practice faith does not guarantee a child who follows Christ or have any other spiritual guarantees. As a new mom , a mere 18+ years ago, I had two things I knew for sure I wanted for my kids. The first was for them to like each other when they were older. I have 6 brothers and sisters and there is still some animosity and unrest between some of us. I wanted my kids to have something different. The second thing was that they would be adults that people wanted to be around. That they would have friends and be amenable people. I prayed that God would mold them into compassionate and caring people whom others were drawn to. I feel fairly certain this has happened.

Coercing our kids into religion or following Christ is almost impossible. We can only present an offer of joy and peace for eternity. In the end, they must choose which way they go.

What 2 things do you want for your kids as they grow up, other than the obvious of living a God centered life?

1. ______________________________ 2. ________________________________

Take 5 minutes and read aloud: Jeremiah 29:1-23

We often hear Jeremiah 29:11 Quoted and taken out of context. Reading the greater part of the chapter tells us why Jeremiah told all the people who were exiled that there were greater plans than they could every imagine for themselves and gives us hope that even after the long years of exile for them, god would fulfill his promise. We can be content that God will fulfill His promises to us as well, and to our children. Throughout the times when we may doubt or may feel we have failed, HIS plan remains.

I’ve asked my husband multiple times “did we mess up” or “is this something I did or said”? I have to rely on the truth of God’s promise to me that he has a plan and that plan is for good, but also that He can redeem my slip ups. God does His thing, despite our silly misgivings or mistakes.


God, You love our children so much more than we love them and our hope and dreams for them are on your heart. Help me to rely upon you for their future. Give me peace, knowing that your plans for them are for good…no matter what silly things I say or do. Help me to step back and rest in knowing you can take care of it.

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