Dear Moxiemama : Kitchen Nightmare

Dear Moxiemama,

I’m struggling with making dinner each night. I hate it. But, my kids keep wanting to eat and apparently that’s my job…to feed them and make sure they stay alive. I need dinner ideas! Please help!


Kitchen Nightmare

Dear Kitchen,

Can I call you Kitchen?

I can see how the low moans of hungry children can create a disruption in your daily peace and quiet. While a 4 inch strip of duct tape will hold them off for a bit, at some point you’re going to want it to stop.

Have you herd of a crock pot? It’s a magical device that allows you to throw piles of food in, close it and hours later a dinner is created! If you don’t have one, get one. They are pretty cheap but if you’re on a tight budget like 99% of America, sell one of those kids…or maybe a pawn shop so you could get him or her back if you so choose. Just a thought.

Here is a recipe all of my family enjoys. I make some changes and I’ll tell you those at the end.

spag squash

Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs

1. I don’t use italian sausage. Just a family preference. It can get a little overwhleming and tough on the tummy.
2. I DO add a little almond flour and eggs to the ground meat. Makes it a hold together a little better and makes a heartier meatball.
2. I don’t put in the hot pepper relish. 50% of the family are not really into spicy foods. We cater to them. It makes us all have a better night.
3. The girls in the family like the squash. The boys prefer pasta. I give them what they want. Sometimes I try to slip a gluten free pasta in, but I’m not religious about it.

Give it a go, my friend! Let me know how it works out. If it doesn’t go well, pour a glass of wine and get rid of those nightmares another way!


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