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You deserve it. I mean it.

Let’s talk about how you think of the things you do everyday and the way it makes you feel. First, I have a few questions. 1. Do you put off taking time to relax? I’m not talking about an afternoon at the spa. I’m talking maybe 10 minutes to sit quietly and think about who […]

What’s Thrive and why are you taking it?

I’ve been getting this question a lot. So here’s the long version… Thrive is a supplement system that fills in nutritional gaps we have on a daily basis. You don’t have any? Riiiiiight. We all eat so perfectly and have no deficiencies. I’m a trainer and a coach, I do Crossfit and lift heavy stuff. […]

Monday Mom: Farewell to childhood

Don’t mind me, I’ll be in mourning over here. Did someone die? Well, not really. I’m dying slowly – at least the part of me that is a mother. It finally hit me, my days of mothering are numbered. This identity I was thrust into almost 19 years ago is slipping away. Yes, I’ll always […]

3 Affordable Things


I love right now… NYX Brow pencil with brush. I have been using a powder and a brush but recently tried this and love it! It goes on easily and blends well. I cannot stand that drawn on look, but this makes my brows look neat but not over worked. Pretty affordable at Target at […]

Tiny Dinner Plate

I like to use kids plates. It keeps my portion sizes real. This is my current favorite. Look at that happy octopus? And for gosh sakes, he’s JUMPING ROPE! That’s gotta be CRAZY with 8 legs. Grab a few kids sized plates next time you are at Target. Watch your portion control line up. I […]

Sorta Healthy Dinner; Health-O-Meter Rating-3 out of 5

Today we make: Crockpot Orange Chicken. I found a recipe that called for Orange Marmalade and I got to the store and just couldn’t do it. In California where we have beautiful oranges, I decided to go with real fresh squeezed orange juice. 1 Cup Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice (of course, you could just use […]