Sorta Healthy Dinner; Health-O-Meter Rating-3 out of 5

Today we make: Crockpot Orange Chicken.

I found a recipe that called for Orange Marmalade and I got to the store and just couldn’t do it. In California where we have beautiful oranges, I decided to go with real fresh squeezed orange juice.

1 Cup Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice (of course, you could just use bottled orange juice.) I used that super rad Pampered Chef Citrus Press. (My friend Vera sells the stuff if you need one. I previously bought one at the store and it cracked on first use.)

1 Cup Barbecue Sauce (your favorite) Sweet Baby Ray’s is what we had on hand.
bbq sauce

1 tray Chicken Thighs (I’m sure breasts are fine. I like dark meat.)

I whipped up the juice and bbq sauce together. Tossed the chicken in the pot and poured the sauce over. I’ll cook it on low for about an hour. Turn it up to high for an hour, then back down until we eat. Probably about 3-4 hours cook time. Of course, you could use a dish and cook it in the oven. It’s about a million degrees right now, so I’m not turning the oven on. No way.

crock pot

I’m planning to cook up some rice and make a nice salad. Read: pour it out of a bag.

I would say on the health-o-meter of 1-5, 5 being SUPER HEALTHY, it would be a 3. The BBQ sauce has added sugar, but I think the OJ kind kills that a bit. I’m pretty sure now that I’ve eaten it, adding the marmalade would thicken it up. The sauce was pretty thin. Overall, a win and something we’ve never tried. 20 years of cooking makes it tough to come up with easy, new meals.

Try it and let me know what you think!

After we ate, on the taste-o-meter 1-5, here are the scores, 5 being the best:
Me: 3, less OJ
Jared: 4, less OJ
Christian: 3.89
Riley: 3.5

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