What’s Thrive and why are you taking it?

I’ve been getting this question a lot. So here’s the long version…

Thrive is a supplement system that fills in nutritional gaps we have on a daily basis. You don’t have any? Riiiiiight. We all eat so perfectly and have no deficiencies.


I’m a trainer and a coach, I do Crossfit and lift heavy stuff. I hang out with a lot of people who do as well. I see a lot of supplements being taken. Random supplements that someone once took and said they liked…the taste of, or someone gave them for free. Good, solid scientific plan, there.

Really? Your main basis for taking something is if it tastes good? I mean, sure that’s a perk and no one wants to eat stuff that tastes like crap, but come on? At least a little research…

So, A few friends were talking a lot about Thrive. Friends I believe and trust not to lie. If some lady walked up and handed me the Thrive system, I would be wary. And I was. I sat back and listened. I watched. I scoffed and made fun. What’s so bad a bout coffee, I said. Well, nothing inherently. But anything you MUST have, is an addiction.

I began to see more people having results beyond the “mommy who needed energy”. Things that apply to my business were happening to people. Joint pain going away, headache relief, better sleep and digestion. No wonder people hd more energy. Their body wasn’t always fighting off the crap that was going in.

So, I became intrigued. I bought a week’s supply to try.

In the first few days…I realized I hadn’t missed my coffee at all and no headaches with the caffeine decrease. I was sleeping better with almost ZERO restless leg symptoms. (If you are not familiar with this, it is ridiculously frustrating) I stopped taking ALL my other supplements. My digestion has improved greatly…I won’t give you the gory details. My workout recovery is awesome. I am still expecting more from the product and will let you know my findings as they happen.

So, now that I’m sold why not just sit quietly and enjoy? Why tell everyone and risk becoming an annoying salesperson? When you have watched person after person take random supplements that they have NO IDEA what will happen from taking them, and not get the results they hoped for, you might be inclined to tell a few people about something that is actually working.

I have been taking it for 18 days and I’m committed for the full 8 week Experience. Will I continue? Most likely. This feeling of control and knowing exactly what I’m getting is empowering. My body deserves it and I deserve to have the strongest machine I can.

I understand skeptical. I understand questioning and the comfort of status quo.

But, when you’re ready to see if it works for you, I’ll be here to answer questions.

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