You deserve it. I mean it.

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Let’s talk about how you think of the things you do everyday and the way it makes you feel.

First, I have a few questions.
1. Do you put off taking time to relax? I’m not talking about an afternoon at the spa. I’m talking maybe 10 minutes to sit quietly and think about who you are or sleep?

2. When you make plans, is it always with someone else in mind?

3. Do you often deny yourself things you like (either tangible or intangible) because you think it will bother or inconvenience others?

Score yourself.

Yes to 2 or more…you might have a guilt problem.

Now that you have answered my very scientific quiz, let’s talk about it.

I’ve noticed over the years that I deny myself lots of things. Sometimes it’s financial, we just can’t afford it. But, most often, it’s because I don’t feel worthy or that I deserve it. I am constantly thinking about what everyone else wants or needs, but it’s not as selfless as it sounds. It’s more like a martyr but without the cause. I don’t deserve a nap. I should stay awake and finish the dishes, or work on gym stuff. In my mind, I’m never doing enough to allow myself a time away.

I used to say that it was genetic. I see a lot of it in my family history. More recently, though, I’m starting to think it’s more of a chromosomal issue. Most women take their jobs very seriously. Whether it’s being at home taking care of business with the household and kids or a job outside the home – women have a lot to prove. Then add in a significant other , and or maybe a child or two and you have a recipe for some serious sacrificial living with no benefit on the other end.

After reading Brene’ Browns book “The Gifts of Imperfection” and more recently “Daring Greatly”, My eyes and heart have been opened and I have been challenged. The challenge is to truly believe “I AM ENOUGH”.

No matter what I do all day, I AM ENOUGH.
If I work at home as a mom or a CEO of a big company, I AM ENOUGH.
If I make my bed, or sleep in an extra hour, I AM ENOUGH.
If the dishes get left for 2 days, I AM ENOUGH.
If I have to get a babysitter to get things done, I AM ENOUGH.


Please stop beating yourself up. Take what comes each day, be true to who you are and try to grow a little. But, if you don’t, it’s ok. Sometimes it’s growth to just be able to allow yourself a nap. Trust me, I still have major nap guilt.

Let’s be a new breed of women who aren’t always trying to measure up to each other, or some other unreachable standard that someone has set. Be the best version of you you can be for today, and then do it again tomorrow.

Get your capes on girls, it’s time to fly.

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