Just put the pants on.

I had the opportunity to have a wonderful weekend away.

I was with 40 women and we sang, talked, hiked, swam, had cocktails and simply had a lovely time.

It was a a beautiful weekend, but then the end came.

As we drove back home, I began to panic a bit.

I left all my responsibilities. No coaching. No new customers. No follow up with current customers.

Enter: DOUBT.

I thought…what if no one wants to talk to me, or come to my classes, or order Thrive next month.

So, I got up this morning ready to train a client, and the stink of doubt was lingering in the air.

As I got ready to go, I just kept thinking, “I don’t know if I can do this anymore. My neck still hurts. I’m probably not going to workout again.”

Then I pulled out my workout pants. As I pulled them on, I felt my mindset change.


The simple act of putting on my workout pants caused that doubt to lift. I stood up straight.

Maybe I wasn’t completely feeling it, but I took on the attitude that I did believe I could do it.

So, on those days when doubt creeps in and you’re not sure you can do it…just put the pants on.

Whatever “the pants” are to you…get out of bed, get dressed, stand up straight, brush your hair…do the action and the feeling will follow. You cannot just WAIT for it to happen. You must take at least one action towards the goal.

Now, figure out what your “pants” are and put them on.

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