I’m healthy. As far as I know.

I’ve been doing some version of Crossfit since 2008. I’m not gonna water it down, I miss the Crossfit of 2008. But, that’s not my point here.

I’ve been trying some other fitness venues, just to change it up. I was asked today, “have you gotten hurt doing Crossfit”. Sigh. Why is this the only thing non-Crossfitters know about Crossfit? I decided to answer like this,

“No, I have never been hurt, because I’m not stupid. I know when my body tells me something is sketchy, I stop. I go lighter, I do something else. Often, not always, people who get injured, don’t listen to their bodies. They push themselves past their ability or knowledge. They don’t allow coaches to coach them. They serve the ego over the education. I can’t afford to be injured. The one time I had an issue, I stopped. I lightened up. I did yoga for a month.”

So, am I trying to make you do Crossfit? NO. I don’t care if you do Crossfit or even LIKE Crossfit. You just need to be smart. If you like Zumba, you go do Zumba. Be smart. I bet someone has sprained their ankle doing Zumba. Do you like basketball? Be smart. I’ve heard a time or two someone has blown out a knee playing basketball. And on and on…

If you want to get fit, you have to enjoy what you are doing…at least a little bit.
Crossfit people have a saying,”It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun.”
I disagree. Why would I keep doing something that ruins my day?

I like the saying much better…”Become comfortable with the uncomfortable.”
Even when it’s difficult, you keep going.
That’s how you grow.

If you don’t like where you are going, do something different. Take a risk. So, you might fall on your face. GET. BACK. UP. You might cry, or scream or bleed. That’s ok. No one is going to fight for you harder than you.

As long as you have breath in your lungs, you didn’t die.

Shake it off.
Move forward.

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