Journey towards Joy: Spirit


It’s so interesting being in my 40′s.

As I get older sometimes I think I was pretending at really living and now, I truly want to DIG in and LIVE.

I’m cherishing friendships and excited to meet new people.

I’m caring for my body, not just working out but really thinking about where I want this shell to take me for at least 40 more years.

I’m feeding my spirit and my soul.

Today I spent some time in meditation and quieted my and listened to my heart. My sacred word I focused on was Joy. Joy has always been one of my favorite words. It supersedes happy. Happy is circumstantial. Joy has depth and fills my cells. Even in really crappy times, joy doesn’t fade. It’s not necessarily a smile or excited body language, but deep knowledge that everything will be ok. After the storm, there will be sunshine. It gives me hope that through pain and suffering…when everything is dark and seemingly hopeless, if we can quiet ourselves and pull from deep within, the joy is there.

I encourage you to quiet yourself daily, for even just 10 minutes. Find a quiet spot, or use headphones and hide in the closet, if the littles are going crazy. There are a million guided meditation mp3′s and You Tubes. Some are prayer and some are self-reflective, there are lots to choose from. They are especially helpful if you have a hard time focusing on your own and your mind wanders, as I do. Give your spirit a boost. As you replenish your own soul, you are now able to give to others in need of hope and encouragement. And couldn’t we all use a little help from our friends now and then?

With love and burpees.

Check back for tomorrow’s post: Journey towards Joy: Body
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