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Powerlifting Meet circa 2014 I might be afraid of sleep. Or afraid of losing control of my time I’m awake, or maybe I’m just a whacko and let my mind spin in circles. I didn’t sleep much last night and I committed to being at the gym by 6. So, of course my restless legs […]


I haven’t done a “proper” Crossfit workout since March. I’m going tomorrow. I may die. If you don’t hear from me in a couple of days – check around C Street Crossfit. I’ll probably be laying in a ditch nearby. I’ll just imagine I’m working out with Leo. That will help, right?

Back to Basics

This morning I was reading some old blog when I FIRST started blogging in 2006…yes, THAT long ago. I realized I liked what I wrote. It was basic and what I was going through. Then FaceBook stole me. Now, I’m trying so hard to come up with something deep, witty and poingnant that I […]