Powerlifting Meet circa 2014

I might be afraid of sleep. Or afraid of losing control of my time I’m awake, or maybe I’m just a whacko and let my mind spin in circles.

I didn’t sleep much last night and I committed to being at the gym by 6. So, of course my restless legs were in full effect and I was thinking about how I hadn’t participated in a Crossfit WOD in a while. But, I made it there, completed the workout and I survived. I’m so thankful for my friends Denise and Theresa for being there to suffer with me. That’s really one of the best parts. Working out beside people who cheer you on and high five you along the way, and feel your pain. I’ve definitely missed that.

Is the Crossfit break over? We shall see…

It made me think of THIS POST – Dreaming of Crossfit. Those first years of Crossfit were pretty intense.

And this one - GRAY makes me proud that I’m still pushing and working at being the best me, but now…at 45, I’m A LOT more relaxed about it.

In case you care, here’s the workout we did today.

5×3 Bench Press (33X3 Tempo)
*During this Time complete 200 Band Tricep Ext
For Time:
20 Thrusters 75/55
200m Run
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
200m Run
20 Hang Squat Cleans
200m Run
20 Push Press
200m Run
20 Power Snatches
200m Run
20 OverHead Squats
200m Run
20 Thrusters.

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