stopping time.

fam bam

You can’t ok. I just wish you could.

When the kids were little and they wanted to take a break while playing or something they would yell “PAUSE” as if they were holding the remote to the universe.

I agree, little ones! I call ‘PAUSE’.

This year has been such a crazy roller coaster, eye opening, wild ride.

I left Crossfit coaching for about 9 months and got a regular clock in type of job. I had become unsure of who I was in the position, doubting myself and whether I was really meant to be there. It was just what my soul needed. I worked out on my own and ate a bunch of crap food for about 6 of those months and gained weight I really shouldn’t have, but…I found my confidence again. I began to teach fitness classes and feel my worth again. Hopefully in a month or so I will start coaching some Crossfit again. Fresh, clean slate. I’m ready to press play.

My children have grown and matured in ways I had nothing to do with. What a satisfying place to be as a parent. By no means are they perfect, they make mistakes, behave like assholes (don’t we all) but in the end they know it’s up to them to see their decisions through. suffering or enjoying the consequences. I’m still available as sounding board or a shoulder to cry on and they know that. But, the best part is the transformation to ‘friend’. It’s tricky sometimes, just closing my mouth and not going into “mom mode” but alas, I’m doing it. This part of parenting is really, really weird. Nothing is really cut and dried like when they are little but I think I’m getting the hang of it. I still picture them as babies and my heart melts a little every step they take to independence, but I hope I can always be an anchor for them. Something consistent in their lives, through whatver they may go through. I’m ready to press play. On to the sequel of ‘The Bangs Family’.

The political disaster of 2016 is something I don’t have the control over the remote. All I can do is watch it play out and maybe express my concern occasionally. My hope is that we can regroup in the next 4 years and come up with a better candidate to really unite – at least a little bit – our country. The things I’ve watched, read and heard this year have been shocking. I don’t have any wise words for the future. Just hang on tight to what you believe in, and measure your words. We must be careful to preserve relationships, even in disagreement. I’m not ready to press play on this but, I think it’s one of those videos that plays on it’s own. you don’t get to stop it.

So here we go, 2017. Let’s see it play out.

Coming soon: Gotta Have Faith: Thoughts on George Michael

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